Tips for Calling Senators

Tips for Calling Your Senators:

  1. Visit to get the numbers for your two Senators’ state and DC office numbers.
  2. Sometimes it’s easier to get through to state offices.
  3. Tell the Senate staffer your name and that you are a constituent. Provide your zip code if you’d like.
  4. We recommend 3 main messages: 1) Please reject and filibuster Neil Gorsuch’s nomination due to his highly partisan record, 2) Keep the 60 vote cloture rule, and 3) Call for a moderate Supreme Court nominee to be proposed by President Trump.
  5. If you’d like more background on messaging, check out our Case for a Moderate Supreme Court.
  6. After signing the petition and calling your senators, please connect with us on social media and share our website ( with your friends. Tag us on FB and Twitter @ModerateCourt and with the hashtag #ModerateCourt.